This site is devoted to the twinning of Asnelles and Charmouth.

Asnelles is a  town in Lower Normandy located near Arromanches, the town noted for the Allied landings on 6th June, 1944. Charmouth is a pleasant village in Dorset, South East England.

After the war, the first twinning was established between Asnelles and its 500 inhabitants and Charmouth which had more than 50,000! The difference was too great for this to last. But on the 27th April 1985 (see Charter), Charmouth and Asnelles finally sealed their twinning. This has now been an unfailing success for the last 22 years, thanks to committee volunteers from both towns.

What is the principle behind a twinning? It’s the best way to promote contact of all kinds between the two towns: human, cultural, etc.

With this in view, moves were made to bring together the two towns and their inhabitants. As a result, since 2006, there has been an exchange between families from both towns. If sometimes the language barrier has posed a problem, a way of mutual understanding has always been managed by hand signs or by miming! However it’s managed, it’s always done in the best of humour from both sides!

This web site is therefore another door opening to these exchanges. Here, you can find out about both towns and different activities and events being held as part of the twinning between Asnelles and Charmouth.

The site is set out under six headings:

  • “Le comité de jumélage” introduces the associations’ team, further information concerning the origins of this initiative, and reports from the general and other meetings.
  • “The town of Asnelles” presents our town today and in the future.
  • “The town of Charmouth’ presents all aspects and details of the town twinned with           Asnelles.
  • The history of the two towns is then presented under two distinct headings. You will also see photographs from the Asnelles archives.
  • And finally, the heading “Events” which will give you news of the twinning as it happens.


(1) Thanks to Jill Packham for the translation French/English